• Music enhances learning and development ...

    CBC was created by education and music industry veterans to bring music into children's lives.
  • Project success leads to children's success ...

    CBC organizes, implements and oversees music-based programs from start to finish.
  • Local Projects. Local kids. Local impact.

    CBC executes music-based programs for children through well-managed projects.
  • Music opens educational doors ...

    CBC is helping kids and young adults learn through music-based programs.
An innovative-thinking, problem-solving organization created by education and music industry veterans to bring music into the lives of children ...
We bring music-based programs into the lives of young children and those with special needs to improve their educational, social and learning potential ...

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to help us to continue creating projects that bring effective music-based programs into the lives of young children.

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Count Me In, Vista Del Mar

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Count Me In, Rich Center

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Count Me In, Lanterman

Lanterman is our longstanding project serving the largest number of students annually (more than 30), and this third consecutive year may have been our best yet! Thanks to Lanterman’s Principal, Christina Cisneros, our Count Me In… Read More

Count Me In, Fairhaven

Our initial year at Fairhaven has been both successful, from a program evaluation perspective, as well as a real joy thanks to Principal, Rosanne Morell, her staff, and the parents and students…Read More